Welcome to Cellular Recycling Solutions

Cellular Recycling Solutions (CRS) is one of the foremost experts in cell phone technology recycling. As the partner of choice for corporate and small businesses, CRS leads best practices for secure and ecological cell phone recycling. With proven expertise, CRS refines efficiencies in facilitating logistics, managing data security and reporting itemized inventory while maximizing return on assets. CRS utilizes on-site capabilities to ensure the cell phone recycling process is optimized for a greener, more sustainable environment. Our people are committed to high-quality customer care allowing CRS to deliver tailored solutions with added value beyond mere process.


Our collection program is simple and easy — we aim to meet you where you are. Our programs are convenient and flexible, with no cost to our customers and great potential for return on investment.


Thanks to our history, we distinctly understand the phone recycling business and your needs as a customer. Today, we take unwanted cell phones and follow strict data security protocols as we condition them — giving you peace of mind.


Our commitment to the environment is the driving force behind our business. We follow best practices to keep cell phones out of landfills. And by recycling your phones, you’re demonstrating your own commitment to a sustainable future.